Gratitude Tuesdays

It’s Tuesday everyone, time to get to thank the little things that are happening all around. As I write this, there are so many things running around in my head that I’m thankful for, but then I look down at my cup, and there it is…number one thing this week. Coffee! And thus it begins…… Read More Gratitude Tuesdays

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Shredded Cheesy Dip

Thought I would share a great dip with you all and it’s super easy to make. I serve this with crackers or pretzels. It is excellent for any occasion or just sitting around the house wanting a yummy snack. Try it out if you like and feel free to add anything that sparks your taste… Read More Shredded Cheesy Dip

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Gratitude Tuesdays

  * I am grateful that I know how to write in cursive, to be able to have a legible script and to have been taught calligraphy by my mother. I do so appreciate these things. It seems as though as technology grows the simple arts go by the wayside.  Are you are wondering why… Read More Gratitude Tuesdays

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Polygel Update

I have to admit my  ” money saving brain” overruled my  “I should know better” brain.  I took the less expensive route and tried a Polygel off of Ebay and another one from Amazon. Chalk it up to late night online shopping!  There is a big difference between $5 a tube and $50.   I ordered… Read More Polygel Update

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Gratitude Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday everyone. Can’t believe we are already into a new month, where did January go? It’s usually a slow month all around, but somehow it escaped me. But with a new year underway and already into February we thought we should start our new weekly post and why not on a Tuesday and why… Read More Gratitude Tuesdays

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Family Doesn’t Take DNA

The title says it all. Being a family today does not always come by blood. I have two sons that I wouldn’t give up for the world. But secretly, deep down,  I always wanted a girl. I can still recall that when I was pregnant both times, my husband would say “Kassie, its a girl.”… Read More Family Doesn’t Take DNA

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